In House Guest Food and Beverage Privilege

Welcome to V-Continent Beijing Parkview Wuzhou Hotel!

As our most Valued Guests, Now we’d like to share good news with you! Starting from Now,we will offer an In House Guest Food and Beverage Outlets Privileges. Please show your room key card to our staff upon arrival in the Restaurant or Lounge and enjoy your privileges.

Yue Feng Ge Restaurant (Chinese Cuisines) : 20% Discount / Per Table
Jade Restaurant (Hong Kong Hot Pot) : 15% Discount / Per Table
Sunbake & Brew (Italian American Cuisines) :10% Discount / Per Table
Palm Garden (Lobby Lounge) : 15% Discount / Per Table
Café Asia (Asian Cuisines) :15% Discount / Person
Brazilian Churrascos (Brazilian Cuisines) :15% Discount / Per Table

Note: Fresh Juices, Chinese Tea, Soya Milk, Debit Card and other Promotions are not included.

  • 客房小卡片1-咖啡厅2
  • 客房小卡片2-巴西2
  • 客房小卡片3-粤风阁2
  • 客房小卡片4-大堂吧2
  • 客房小卡片6-阳光餐吧2
  • 客房小卡片5-黄玉石港式火锅2