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Construction company Hong Kong Hong Ren Group Holdings Ltd (Hong Ren) and Beijing North Star V-Continent Hotel Management Co Ltd (Beijing North Star V-Continent) jointly launched the V-Continent Shandong Hongren Hotel following a signing ceremony at Beijing North Star V-Continent Hotel, on March 29.
The new hotel, which will be a part of the new industrial park currently under construction in Feicheng, Shandong Province, will be the first five-star hotel created out of the cooperation. This will be Hong Kong Hong Ren Groups’ first five-star hotel investment to be managed by Beijing North Star V-Continent Corporation.

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Cui Fushui, the general manager of the Beijing North Star V-Continent hotel, said the collaboration is significant as the V-Continent Shandong Hongren Hotel will be the first hotel to be managed by East Chin’s Beichen Group. Cui said Beichen is looking forward to increasing its influence and market share in East China and boost the hospitality service sector in the region through the partnership.
In the coming five to 10 years, Hong Ren will build more “Hong Ren cities” in the form of industrial or economic parks, and each project will be in cooperation with Beijing North Star V-Continent, said Chen.
The March 29 signing ceremony signifies the deepening cooperation between Hong Kong-based enterprises and those on the Chinese mainland. Both sides view the partnership as a bridge for the further expansion of and comprehensive interaction between the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong in the future.